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Category - Web - Social Media

Client - Tecnoimagen

Year - 2019-2023

Country - Argentina

What we did

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    Mobile First

    The mobile experience of their websites was designed taking into account today's needs and habits. The continuous task of developing a mobile experience that could facilitate access to all devices was our main priority. Navigation and a quick search bar allow users to search through different categories, as well as various technologies. The main objective is to provide a simpler and more efficient way of communicating what is behind the brand and what makes Tecnoimagen the company with the best technology in the world.

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    The desktop experience was built with the same premise in mind, using a grid system to organize it. Within the page for each technology, emphasis was placed on showing everything as clearly as possible.

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    Social media

    Stories, photos, carousels, and more!

The "why"

Leading the way with cutting-edge biotechnology solutions, Tecnoimagen has revolutionized the way we approach health and wellness, expanding into new and exciting territories.

As a health company, Tecnoimagen seeks to develop new solutions and tools that disrupt the way we approach health. A clear and inspiring goal that we have been translating into a coherent visual landscape over the years.

At the intersection of health and technology, this brand began paving its way. Over the years, they fully embraced their motto "Technology for advanced medicine" expanding their business into different branches of medicine, such as imaging diagnostics and aesthetic medicine.

The "how"

For years now, we have been accompanying their expansion and developing a brand image through packaging, advertising, social media, managing their aesthetic brands, and a constantly evolving website.

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