Punto a Partes

What started as a small team dedicated primarily to design has become a creative agency with a diverse set of skills.

Our exceptional people make the difference.

We are a team of brand experts, creative designers, writers, art directors, campaign planners, project managers, coders and developers, PR specialists, social media persons, and administrators. But we are all strategists- creating strategies is essential for your brand to be different, stand out and be more successful.

We want to create impressive and inspiring works, aligning creative strategy with exceptional results. In every project we take on, there is a team of curious human beings with a passion for driving and exploring ways to inspire and grow.

A brief overview of our history




This year we decided to bet on the growth of our own company and expand ourselves to the world so we can keep doing what we know, everywhere.



The decade

After 10 years together, we celebrated with the redesign of our own brand.



The digital era

With the arrival of COVID-19, the way we see the digital world changed completely and we started living in a world where having social media is essential to sell and grow as a company. This world demanded more attention to the digital market, with training and new clients joining our ranks.



The boom

Here is where the fun began, projects didn't even allow us to take a break, and that was when we decided to dedicate ourselves 100% to our agency and complement it with other creatives who wanted to join our ranks.



The growth

After a couple of years of trials, errors, learnings, and trainings, we reached the stability we were looking for, and along with it, the dream projects started to come.



The decision

After a year of work, we noticed that we were not all compatible, and as a result, one of our friends decided to take a different path.



The beginning

In 2011, three friends decided to start an agency project to provide services in which we had trained ourselves.

Our vision

A strategically positioned brand has the power to transform a business: how it operates, behaves, and communicates is key to delivering benefits that exceed expectations. Our approach breaks traditional boundaries to put the brand at the strategic heart of your business.

Our mission

Doing things right is not enough for us. We strive to transform our clients' businesses through insight, strategic thinking, and creativity. Our goal is to drive growth in all its forms, which is both challenging and inspiring.