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Category - Web

Client - Planning

Year - 2022

Country - Argentina

What we did

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    Mobile First

    The mobile experience was designed with today's needs and habits in mind. The ongoing task of developing a mobile experience that could facilitate access from all devices was our main priority. The main goal is to provide a simpler and more efficient way to communicate what's behind the brand and what makes Pampa Start the best Venture Capital company.

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    The desktop experience was built with the same premise in mind, using a grid system to organize it. Emphasis was placed on showing everything as clear and modern as possible.

The "why"

Pampa Start is a venture capital company that accompanies AgriFoodTech startups located in Latin America in their growth. Wanting to position themselves digitally, they decide to create a website that is simple, secure, with the necessary information and easy to position in the market. That's where we come in!

The "how"

We prioritized mobile design since we know that currently, 93% of users who access websites do so through a mobile device. We organized the site together with the client so that the information is clear and in the place they considered necessary, and we created a modern but easy-to-read design so that the user does not lose focus while navigating.

Mobile web

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