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Category - Web - Social media - Vía pública

Client - Tecnoimagen

Year - 2021

Country - Argentina

What we did

  • 1

    Creation of Advertising Campaign

    We thought about the unique selling point of the product to be promoted and designed based on what we wanted to say and where we were going to say it.

  • 2

    Design of Advertising in Public Spaces and Graphic Media

    We created a design system designed for public spaces, digital media, and social networks.

  • 3

    Influencer Marketing and Content Creation

    We chose different actions with influencers in the fitness industry in order to promote our accounts.

  • The "Why"

    CMSLIM arrived in Argentina with the idea of revolutionizing the training method, complementing physical exercise with a high-power equipment that helps tone the body. We believe that taking care of the body is important and that helping all those who want to improve their physical appearance is always positive, as long as it is done in the right way. CMSLIM is an ANMAT-approved equipment with proven results, so we decided to embark on the idea of creating together a campaign to show anyone who sees it how possible it is to improve your body with this equipment.

    The "How"

    We chose to create a campaign focused on public areas (such as the Palermo woods) where people gather to exercise, run or perform different physical activities. We covered outdoor training circuits with posters, used screens in nearby shopping malls, and created digital campaigns on social media focused on people who exercise and want to modify parts of their body quickly and effectively.

    Outdoor advertising

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