Making magic...

Category - Branding - Social media

Client - Baires Tea Club

Year - 2020-2021

Country - Argentina

What we did

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    We tasted each blend cold and hot, and created the stories that each leaf, spice, petal, and fruit evoked.

    African Solstice - Alpine Punch - Unstable Unicorn - Caribbean Crush - Mojito Madness - Live Wire Orange - Magic Dragon - The Big Chill - Cookie Dough - Redberry Blizzard - Ginger Spice - Forever Nuts

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    Unlike standard blends in cans, Baires Tea Club delivers its teas in matte gray glass packs, which are specially designed to transport food products. Now also available in tea bags!

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    Social media

    Stories, photos, carousels, and more!

The "why"

Launching a brand into the market is never easy. There are no manuals, no help... Only grit and heart. What began as a hobby became a brand.

Just like the minds behind Baires Tea Club, we are enthusiasts of great-tasting teas; and this is the case.

The "how"

We had the pleasure not only of participating in the brand design but also in the naming of its blends. Which means what you're thinking... We drank a loooooot of tea!

So... Why did we choose to work with a tea brand? Because it's healthy, delicious, and... Fun! Because we know it brings people together all over the world. Because it's one of the most popular beverages on the planet. And simply because it makes us happy.

Blends designs

We would love to build something amazing together